Installment and support

Playground’s safety starts from the surface


Seventy-five percent of all injuries occur when the flooring of the playground is incorrectly or poorly maintained. Multi Park LTD offers you a variety of floorings for the playgrounds, according to the requirements of Ordinance № 1 of 12 January 2009 on the terms and conditions for the structure and safety of playgrounds. Below are the main options available:


Rubber flooring


Soft, seamless, uniform surface as rubber tiles and self-pouring flooring made of recycled tires, with high elasticity, which helps children playing on the playground and prevents serious injuries. This flooring respond to all requirements for shock absorption, and offers the following advantages:

- Easy to install using ordinary tools

- Almost no maintenance

- Dries quickly after wet weather

- Available in many colors

- Long warranty

Quite often the playgrounds are filled with bulk materials - sand, sawdust. These floorings have their qualities, but attract animals, especially cats. And as we know, children love to taste everything they touch. Therefore it is necessary to maintain them regularly and to disinfect them periodically. By using rubber self-pouring flooring Shock-absorbing flooring from rubber granules can be provided for outdoor and indoor playgrounds.

The thickness of the flooring depends on the height of the fall from the equipment.

The safety area of the playing facilities is covered with shock-absorbing flooring in case of free falling higher from 0,6 meters. For shock-absorbing flooring for outdoor playgrounds you can provide grass, when the height of free fall from the facility is up to 1 meter, if there is technical and organizational ability to regularly maintain the turf in good condition. If the height of the free fall from a children’s facility is up to 3 meters, you can use grass only if it is combined with synthetic flooring with openings for the grass.

Rubber tiles are particularly suited for securing playgrounds, according to Ordinance № 1 of 12 January 2009 on the terms and conditions for the structure and safety of playgrounds.