We believe in the development and implementation of modern and sustainable sports grounds. Over the years we have built our reputation for building and realization of durable product combined with friendly, useful and practical service.Multi Park Ltd. has been building sports playgrounds for more than ten years, our team has rich experience from similar sites, qualifications and experience in construction, landscape architecture , Manufacturing and other services for the professional realization of infrastructure projects. We offer our services throughout Bulgaria by ensuring that the sports ground will be completed on time and according to your budget.
When installing, we follow the requirements of Regulation 1 as well as process processes according to our ISO9001 certificate. We at Multi Park Ltd. are aware of the environmental impact and we are ISO14001 accredited, we are committed to protecting the environment by reducing waste, recycling and re-using materials wherever possible. "There is no one better than us in assembly or more familiar with our products, from our own mounting teams"