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The infrared polyurethane flooring InfraSPORT PU 410/410 Roll for gyms and gyms is a system of materials based on polyurethane resins, used to create multilayer non-joint color coatings for indoor use, such as schools and kindergartens.

The polyurethane coating is intended for laying on a concrete and / or other strong and smooth base. The system is also effective for renovation in the presence of already depreciated floors in halls and halls, as it can be performed on existing old flooring - screed, mosaic. The thickness of the coating depends on the condition of the substrate. As a result, a smooth and strong playing surface is formed, characterized by a high ability to withstand dynamic loads.

Advantages of InfraSPORT PU 410/410 Roll:

• dense jointless coating

• choice of RAL colors

• wear-resistant

• waterproof

• hygienic and easy to maintain

• with a long service life

• reduces noise

• dust resistant

• Optimal balance of traction and traction

• reduces the risk of injury

• aesthetic appearance